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The South Baldwin Regional Workforce Development Authority Request Proposals

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June 08, 2023
Response Due by: Jun 30, 2023
The South Baldwin Regional Workforce Development Authority is established and receives its authority in accordance with Alabama Senate Bill 336 signed into law by Governor Kay Ivey on April 22, 2022. The South Baldwin Regional Workforce Development Authority (hereafter referred to as the Authority) seeks proposals from qualified firms for planning and predevelopment services and to serve as the master developer for the implementation of the Gateway Master Development Plan.  To be eligible for consideration the proposing firm must be capable of providing the services described herein and meet all other criteria outlined in the Request for Proposals (RFP).
The Authority seeks to build a workforce development campus on property provided by the City of Foley, AL to provide the facilities and environment necessary to recruit and educate the workforce needed to support the economy of the South Baldwin region as well as provide extended-hour childcare facilities and a transportation hub.
Project Scope
Required Elements:
Respondents are encouraged to be creative and propose a scope of work they believe best serves the needs of the Authority’s The Gateway project. However, the following elements must be included.
• Vision and Goals. 
• Existing Conditions Analysis. 
• Land Use Plan.
• Economic Development
• Housing. 
• Public Facilities and Services. 
• Implementation Strategy. 
Stakeholder and Community Participation:
The Master Plan should respond to the needs of all those impacted by it, including residents, businesses, and other constituent groups. In addition to gathering ideas and feedback, it’s the Authority’s goal is to use this opportunity to increase the visibility of and excitement about planning in the community.
• Steering Committee. A steering committee will be formed to assist with outreach and provide feedback throughout the process. Consultant input into committee formation is desired.
• Public Engagement and Outreach. 
• Adoption. The Master Plan will require adoption by the City of Foley and the Authority.
The respondent shall submit all draft reports and materials in electronic form. Copies of all presentation materials including displays and digital presentations used by the consultant at meetings shall be provided to the Authority in reproducible form. Materials for presentations and public meetings shall be presented for the City of Foley and the Authority review at least one week before the meeting.
For final deliverables, the consultant shall submit electronic copies, in both an editable format and a PDF, and one loose reproducible original of the final plan and all other final printed materials including maps, charts, tables, and photographs. All hard copy materials, except for maps or similar exhibits, shall be on 8 1⁄2” x 11” paper format. All digital map files shall be compatible with ESRI ArcGIS software.
Budget and Timeline
The estimated budget for The Gateway Master Plan Update is $200,000. The general proposed timeframe for the planning process is six months from project kickoff to the start of the Adoption phase.
Requirements for Proposals
Provide the information requested below with a cover letter signed by an officer of the firm.
Overview of Request - qualified firms must be able to conduct all pre-development requirements stated herein as well as hire and manage engineering and architecture, seek and secure financing, offer project management services for leaseholders as determined necessary by the Authority, and offer property management services for housing.
List the project manager and other key staff members of the project team who will be responsible for the work and the project responsibility of each. Address the specific experience of the key staff members on similar projects, including descriptions of relevant projects within the past ten years along with project references. Describe the capacity of staff and their ability to perform the work in a timely manner over the project timeline.  Provide an overview of the respondent organization, master planning capabilities, development background, project management experience, financing capabilities, proposed solutions, marketing and leasing experience, and connections to the South Alabama region.  
Include team members with individual bios on each.  Detail the respondent's track record for all projects over the last four years including:
Cost Controls with specific examples
Timely performance with specific examples
Track record of managing labor and material costs
Scope of Work:
Prepare a detailed scope of work that is responsive to The Gateway Project Scope. Incorporate a stakeholder engagement plan. Clearly identify the role and responsibilities of the Authority, the City of Foley, and/or the steering committee throughout the process. Provide a draft project schedule with deliverables and milestone dates.
Cost Proposal:
Provide a lump sum, not to exceed the cost proposal for the basic services in the Scope of Work.
Include optional services with pricing, as desired, based on your professional recommendations and project understanding. Include as necessary any breakdowns of professional services and reimbursable expenses.
Selection Procedures, Criteria, and Process
Firms interested in being considered for selection should respond by submitting one hard copy and one digital copy of their proposal to the address below by June 30, 2023. Responses received after 4:00 PM on the due date will not be considered.  Submit proposals or questions to:
Edward W. Bushaw
Executive Director
South Baldwin Regional Workforce Development Authority
200 North Alston Street
Foley, AL 36535

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