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Businesses Applying for Federal Aid Can Receive Certificates of Existence through SOS Office

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April 06, 2020

Businesses Applying for Federal Aid Can Receive Certificates of Existence through SOS Office



Monday, April 6, 2020 - MONTGOMERY - Federal resources have been made available to support businesses during the coronavirus pandemic to assist with tax relief, employee protection and benefits, loans and grants, and many other challenges business owners may encounter. 

In order to be eligible for this federal aid, some corporations and businesses may be required to prove their existence as part of their application. Certificates of Existence can be obtained through visiting the Alabama Secretary of State’s website.

For immediate processing, business owners can apply online to receive their Certificate of Existence electronically. The non-subscriber fee is $28 and will allow a user to download their copy for up to 15 days.

If you are completing the request for a Certificate of Existence by paper, you may access the application here. Once completed, the application, along with the $25 filing fee, should be mailed to the Secretary of State’s Business Services Division (P.O. Box 5616, Montgomery, Alabama 36103) in order to be processed.

Please note that those who apply online will not receive a mailed copy. Rather, a copy can be downloaded online and then printed out. 

Certificates of Existence are only available for businesses who have previously filed for formation with the Secretary of State’s Office. If you have not yet filed, you are still able to do so through visiting our website.

Please be reminded that this documentation may also be required to process loan applications by lending institutions, banks, credit unions, farm credit, or public accountants.

For questions or concerns, please contact our Business Services Division at (334) 242-7221 or (334) 242-5324. 


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