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Sports & Events Sales Manager

Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism
Job Description
The ideal candidate will:
-Performs the sales, marketing and servicing required to solicit and book sports events and special events for the destination. Answer inquiries from event planners; make telephone solicitations and personal solicitations to the event planners in the designated market segments. Distribute leads to Industry Partners (IP’s) for events; follow up with event planners and IP’s to confirm responses to leads. Research, qualify and solicit new events in the designated market segments. Develop and contribute to new concepts to attract events to the destination and new concepts for tradeshows and promotions. Organizes, plans and participates in event planner site visits and FAM tours. Attend trade shows for the designated market segments.
-Enter new clients into the CRM system.  Using the CRM system, send out sales leads to IP’s, maintain traces for follow-up dates for clients, change client status and client profile as needed.  Keep the CRM system updated for monthly/quarterly sales bookings and trace reports.
-Develop, solicit, sell and manage fulfillment of annual Sports Commission and specific sporting event sponsorships. Coordinates with Finance Department for production of sponsor contracts and billing.  Works closely with event coordinators on sponsorship fulfillment and reporting.
-Contact event planners prior to their event to determine type(s) and level(s) of support services needed for their events.  Communicate with Senior Event Coordinator and Event Coordinators to provide planner services such as:
     a.         Referrals to Industry Partners for services and off-site venues as needed. 
     b.         Pre- and post- servicing needs such as welcome bags, door prizes, thank you notes/gifts for planners and attendees, room counts, and other items as needed
     c.         Assistance with social media to promote attendance at their events
-Be on-site for sporting events or special events as required.
-Other duties as assigned by the Vice President of Sales & Sports, Chief Operating Officer (COO) or the President/CEO.
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